Craftmanship and Wellness

At Allwina we want to bring something new, unique and of impeccable craftsmanship to the UK table, both due to the specialization in the making and the materials.

At Allwina we focus on high-end artisanal textiles working with weaver communities in LATAM. We choose our partners for their exceptional craftsmanship, as well as their work and efforts to preserve culture, traditions and skills. For craft's future being part of the global stage is fundamental, it is essential that they succeed commercially and it requires skills from all disciplines; we wanted to address it.

When it comes to materials, we work with the best that can be sourced locally. We believe that humans naturally come down to materials; the texture and smell of our fabrics are really particular, they speak to us very directly. There we see well-being.

Well-being is defining for us; behind our work, there is a desire and a particular interest in generating well-being for all parties.

Allwina talks about those products made by experts who are creating not in a studio but in an adverse context, being able to demonstrate that the opportunity is in the decision. Each piece is the symbol not only of a cultural background but also full of resilience, while it is made of noble materials and of high-quality standards so that artisans can see a better future. Those who acquire these art-like pieces experience well-being by enjoying each piece with their senses while contributing to a crucial cause to which we all should be committed: fighting inequalities and tackling poverty.

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