allwina / a:l ' winʌ / noun

a word for handloom in original Quechua language. Origin: Andean region; South America.

ALLWINA is a London-based brand.

ALLWINA was born to promote appreciation for and foster excellence in South American textile crafts. We are creating art at the service of the triple impact, driving economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability, and facilitating access to its consumption in Europe.

ALLWINA aims to be a home for the celebration of crafts and people behind them.

Our online store, a natural extension of our ambitions, strives to democratize the handicrafts bringing them from their remote places of origin to global destinations across every continent. We are committed to ensuring that each piece we select can cross oceans, providing safe delivery, quality and traceability for all our products. Allwina guarantees transparency, ethical production practices, fair trade and end-to-end reliability.

We are proud of who we choose to work with and how we choose to work. Each piece comes from remote, vibrant locations. The ALLWINA own label was born in 2020 by working with wool producers from a protected area in Argentine Patagonia and a group of talented women weavers. At ALLWINA we also work in partnership with the most exciting iconic and emerging South American projects and designers that establish a connection between the past, the present and the future.


Our Vision

ALLWINA's vision is to be the voice of the South American weaving communities in the UK and Europe. A voice that brings textile crafts to the fore, promoting their knowledge and appreciation as a source of cultural richness, working to generate a triple positive impact and, finally, promoting their excellence by working closely with the people who make them. ALLWINA celebrates the people, process and history behind artisan textiles.


ALLWINA is a cultural retailer that embraces the value of textile crafts, bringing them visibility by communicating the origin, the craftsman behind the work and the creation processes, while facilitating access for the purpose of consumption through both direct-to-consumer and B2B commerce.

ALLWINA guarantees transparency, best practice production processes, fair trade, and reliability end-to-end.


We set impeccable standards against which our products are measured:

  • High-quality materials
  • Timeless staples design
  • Care. Fair trade. Ethical and respectful exchange
  • Social, environmental and economic sustainability
  • Cooperative and collaborative work
  • Constant pursuit of improvement

The production formulas are based on traditional best practices, passed between generations of craftsmen, prioritizing the artisans themselves over design and cost efficiency. Production emphasizes the logic of natural cycles and sustainability, in order to speak to tradition through the lens of preservation and the future.

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