Pricing Manifesto

A quick word on our Pricing logic:

We do not mark our items, so we do not make discounts.

Our prices reflect the expertise in the craftsmanship, the time invested, the quality of the materials, the effort to respect the environment and the fact that we produce only small quantities, so we do not need to charge in the price of a product the cost of mass production. 

Solving systemic problems requires great efforts and groups of people working to make it possible. The so-called intermediary is really necessary so that we can come together instead of wasting efforts. The result is encouraging, efficiency and quality, end-to-end reliability. Everyone involved in the process really adds value to the supply chain - wrongly called the supply chain, since it is actually a network.

Our clients can be sure that they are not paying the production of hundreds on the label of an item or wasted efforts, but the fair price.

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