Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Our garments tell stories of crafts, love and hard-working hands. Pure folklore, culture, heritage and ancestral traditions of South America. Designed and woven in Argentina and Uruguay.

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Tailored Garments:

Dry-clean your coats and jackets. We recommend professional cleaning only.

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Knitted Garments:

Keep your knits clean and don't allow a stain to set for days.

Washing Instructions:

Fill a bucket with clean water at room temperature and add a teaspoon of mild pH neutral soap. Gently place the wool garment in the soapy water letting it cover and soak the wool. Barely move the item, but do not swish or rub, just let it rest for about 20 min.

Rinse your garment transferring it to another container, supporting your weight as you go so it doesn't stretch (wool is most brittle when wet).
Let the knit drain a bit - using a strainer is fine. Conditioners tend to be too alkaline for wool and many of them contain pH adjusters that react negatively to natural dyes. It also attracts dirt to your sweater faster.

To dry it, gently place it on a towel, roll it up, and press down to absorb excess water. Do not twist, rub, or abuse it in any way, just press.
Remove the garment from the towel, reshape it to its original dimensions and place it on a wool drying rack or other flat surface far from direct sun.
Never put wool clothes in the dryer.

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Loom Knitted Garments:

Dry-cleaning by professionals only.

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Hand Knitted Garments:

Hand wash with room temperature water and neutral pH soap only. / Do not bleach / Do not rub or twist / Dry flat in the shade. Do not expose to sunlight while drying / Steam iron only / Do not use stain removal with solvents / Do not hang your knitted garments to avoid irreversible stretching / Difficult stains need to be dry cleaned by professionals.

Dry-clean your knits only once a season.


We recommend flat lay folded storage for all garments that do not include an inner lining to avoid irreversible stretching. Garments such as Coats and Jackets can be hanged. / Store only when completely dry. / To help prevent moths we recommend using cedar blocks or lavender flowers.


As is known, knitwear, and especially those pieces made with natural materials, tend to pill with time under armpits, sleeves and other zones because of friction. This is because natural yarns consist of short fibres twisted together, and with use and rubbing some of those short fibres get loose and create 'balls' over time.

This is often wrongly related to a quality defect, but the truth is this is no more than one of the many characteristics of noble and natural fine materials.

The good news is there are several things you can do to remove these unwanted pills:

  • Easily remove them by hand before storing your knit. This way it's easier to maintain the appearance of your knitwear on a daily basis. 
  • Use a comb or an old shaver with extra care.
  • Use a battery-operated device for pills. 

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