Passionate about transforming for the better, I consider myself a problem solver, and that's what I did with Allwina when I started it. Inspired by my business background, NGO experience, and my pride in my South American cultural heritage, I embarked on a personal journey to bring together projects that produce the finest quality handmade textiles and make them global.

I have always believed in the power of people working in business to make a positive impact. ALLWINA is a people-centered, impact-driven project, and a brand based on artisan craft so that we can work together to address challenges, strengthen the craft sector, and bring handmade crafts to the forefront. Being part of the global stage requires skills from all disciplines and we wanted to address it.

Crafts can play a significant role in revolutionizing local economies, which is my purpose. Economic revolution is crucial and goes hand in hand with other issues such as balancing gender inequality, supporting local development, and preserving and promoting regenerative design and culture.

That's where Allwina comes in, playing a crucial role as a bridge to facilitate access to unique projects while ensuring transparency, best practices, and end-to-end reliability.

Whether you are a wholesaler, a final customer, or a supplier, I invite you to join us on this journey. Let's make a positive impact!


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