Handmade Tweeds

Our high-end handmade tweeds, both for tailoring and for upholstery or accessories for interior design, are only available for B2B. It is needed to book an appointment for us to visit you, please contact us by emailing isabel@allwina.com 


The tweeds we produce are made in close collaboration with weaving communities of northern Argentina. The process is completely handmade, made by craftsmen of the highest expertise. We choose our partners for their exceptional craftsmanship as well as for their work towards preserving skills, willing to improve techniques and efforts to train new generations of artisans.

The wool is hand-spun, hand-dyed (when dyed), and hand-woven on Creole handlooms. The composition of the tweed is 100% native Andean sheep wool. The production formulas uphold the best practices in handcrafted textile making. 


Cuttings are available upon request. We emphasize that although our overview of designs and color palette is wide, there is still a wide range to create.

BESPOKE MADE - Under our personalized service, you would not only be part of the creative and human experience that the process means, but you could also stretch the possibilities of designs and colors.

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